Magic Heat Reclaimer

Magic Heat Reclaimer

The Magic Heat Reclaimer is a simple device with remarkable results. Reclaim the heat escaping up your chimney flue and heat your house faster and cheaper!  This heat reclaimer is so efficient it easily paid for itself before the first winter was even over.  I used to use over 4 cords…now less than 3.  I used to be unable to heat a few far away rooms in my house…now I have to open the windows sometimes because it is too hot! I used to have a cranky wife because she was always cold…now she is not cold anymore (ba-dum-bum-ching).  The Magic Heat Reclaimer has made me very happy, this is probably the best bang for my buck I have ever gotten out of a piece of equipment.  If you are considering getting one of these incredible units you need to keep reading because I have a few secrets and tips I want to share with you…

What exactly is this magic box?

This metal box is a heat exchanger. It captures and extracts the heat from your very hot flue gas before it escapes out the top of your chimney, never to return.  It is easily installed between 12 and 24 inches above the top of your heating stove and models are available to fit a 6, 7, or 8  inch flue pipe on a wood, coal, oil, or gas stove/furnace.

How does it work?


The image you see above is the complete Magic Heat Reclaimer.  Envision this metal box inserted directly into your existing single wall flue pipe.  As the hot flue gas travels upwards through this box it heats ten horizontal stainless steel heat exchanging tubes that travel through the whole container. The ten holes in the image above are the front ends of these tubes…you can actually look through the box via these tubes. So, as the flue gas travels up it makes these pipes very hot, continues to travel upwards and back into your existing piping and eventually out the top of your chimney.

Once the flue gas has reaches 150 degrees Farenheit a thermostatically automated fan turns on at the rear of the unit. This fan forces room air through the ten pipes. By the time this air gets blown out the front of the unit it is unbelievably hot. This air can be so hot it can be unpleasant to hold your hand directly infront of the holes!

That’s it. The Magic Heat Reclaimer is, in essence, a beautifully simple contraption. It’s the most efficient heat exchanger I have ever seen for a household heating stove, bar none.  This is the simple explanation but there is much more to learn…


Video review…

I apologize for the low quality but I am not an expert film maker and I was using my phone. But you can see the unit in action and how effective it really is.  I live in Nova Scotia, Canada, and during the winter it is sometimes -20 C.  My wood stove and magic heat unit are enough to heat my drafty 2000 square foot main floor on the coldest of days – but this would not be even remotely possible with just the wood stove alone!


What you need to know…

I’m going to tell you the secret to this machine because I want you to be happy with your purchase.  If you already have a super efficient heating stove then this might not be for you.  With a brand new top of the line stove you may already be producing flue gas temperatures that are too low for efficient operation of the Magic Heat Reclaimer.  If your flue gas temperatue is generally less than 280F then you should not install this unit.  I think I have the perfect wood stove for it, an older model Drolet WoodsmanDrolet Woodsman Wood Stove - Magic Heat Canada (pictured at right).  This woodstove has a single combustion chamber and can hold pieces of of wood up to 18″ in length.  This wood stove is not that efficient but once I installed the magic heat it became a powerhouse!

Another point I want to mention to make you happier with your purchase is this – intsall a dimmer switch for the fan to plug in to.  If you don’t do this then the fan will be on 100% whenever you have a fire going over 150F.  This can get a little irritating if you’re in a small living room and trying to watch a movie. If you have a dimmer switch you can just dial back the fan speed to half power and make the motor barely audible.  This is completely safe to do you just have to make sure the fan is always running so as to not overheat the electrical components.  Check out the FAQ page for instructions on how to appropriately install a dimmer switch.

If you are still interested, and you should be, look through the rest of this site for some reviews, FAQ, the owners manual, specifications, and of course our store to get the best deal on this unit on the internet!

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  1. K. Smith says:

    These units seem very intruiging. You list lots of positive things on your site but what are the cons? Highly considering getting one because it takes me too long to heat my house up in the mornings. I’m using an older inefficient wood stove which sounds like a good match for this heat exchanger…

    • admin says:


      It does sound like you are a good candidate for the magic heat reclaimer, as long as you have a single wall steel flue pipe you are good to go. As for cons, there are a couple, but I don’t necessarily think of them as cons per say. First, you have to be aware that lowering the flue gas temperature so drastically (which this unit does…that’s what makes it so efficient and amazing) does theoretically increase the creosote buildup inside your flue. This is what all the experts say, but personally I have not noticed an increase since using the unit. However, I also burn premium seasoned hardwood which probably helps. Just make sure to clean the unit and your flue very thoroughly at least once a year and everything will be fine. Oh, and of course, try not to but wet, green wood.

      Secondly, I would say the noise takes a bit of getting used. If you are putting this unit in your small living room and trying to watch a romantic movie…well…you might get a little irritated. Personally, I don’t really notice the noise anymore and the benefits are totally worth it anyway. It really isn’t that loud to anyway but it is worth mentioning that it is not whisper quiet. BUT, what I did was install a dimmer switch to the unit as well so that I could control the fan speed and thereby control the noise produced as well. If you cut down the fan speed by half-power you end up reducing the noise drastically…which I find great. Check out the FAQ page…I talk about that a bit there.

      The pros easily outweigh these minor cons. Make the purchase, you will be very pleased! Thanks for commenting!

      • Torgeir Robertsen says:

        I don’t have this unit, but would love to. In my country (Norway) we have long hard winters. To day it is -36 fahreinhei :) So we use a lot of wood.

        I just wanted to comment on the creosote buildup. Once a while I use old building materials with nails in them, zink coated. This keeps my pipe clean due to the reaction between the zinkoxide and the creosote.

        My chimney cleaner always comments on my pipe beeing in top notch all time :)

        Best regards.

  2. Eric says:

    This website speaks the truth! These things are a great addition to your wood stove. Mine has been faithfully plugging away for 6 years. If you’re on the fence don’t think twice, go for it!

  3. katrina says:

    Nice website, great info, thank you!

  4. admin says:

    Today is May 26, 2013, and I just dismantled my magic heat reclaimer for this heating season. We actually had a few cold snaps this month so I’m glad I didn’t take it apart sooner!

    Again, I am pleasantly surprised by the minimal creosote build up. Basically I removed the whole unit, took it outside and then I used an air compressor to blow the soot off the inside of the magic heat reclaimer. This seemed to work really well. Then, I applied a small amount of oil to various moving parts and put it away until the fall. My wood stove is right in the middle of a room so I always remove it entirely for the summer.

    Anyway, it was another great winter with the magic heat. I must say I use exceptionally dry wood from my own forest – 75%+ hardwood. But I also tend to have a lot of low temp fires…once I have a good fire going and it is very warm in the house I just want to keep the fire going, so it’s one stick at a time just to keep it from dying out completely. This is not the best practice for creosote build up but I haven’t noticed any problems.

    Now to enjoy some summer! My favourite 3 B’s come to mind: Beer, Barbeque and Bocce.

  5. Steve Rienfeld says:

    I have used magic heat on stoves for over 30 years. It is everything the manufacturers claim it to be. Mine is reclaiming heat as I write this. I would recommend magic heat too anyone whom burns wood and wants to reclaim heat that otherwise would be lost. My only source of heat is wood and cutting wood is hard work so be smart do what I do. Quit letting heat go out the chimney buy magic heat now.

    • admin says:


      Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. I wish I had known about Magic Heat a long time ago. I concur with everything you said!

  6. looking for a 3 inch double walled reclaimer.

  7. Barry Jones says:

    I too, have used a Magic Heat unit for many years. The first one came with the house, and wasn’t even being used when I bought the place. It looked barely used. After maybe 15-20 years, the heat tubes rusted out, but it worked great all that time. I bought a used one on ebay 2 years ago. It is running right now. I found this website while trying to find where to get parts for it. I need the thermostatic disk that turns the fan on and off. Any info would be great, for now, and in the future….

    But all in all, I would recommend using a heat reclaimer of whatever brand, because it just makes sense. I can only vouch for a Magic Heat unit, as that is all I’ve used. And with that I say they are durable, easily maintained, last a long time, and definitely do the job of reclaiming heat and circulating that heat through the room. I do recommend Magic Heat.

  8. Larry says:

    We love ours! We’ve been using it for 10 years now. We bought it used for $1 at an auction!! It paid for it’s self that day. :) It was abused and had not been cleaned with the internal scraper. So I just chipped away with a flat screw driver until the scraper broke free. One good hot fire and a CSL creosote cleaning log and it was like new! We have a new, efficient stove and added this to make it over 90% efficient! We scrape it with the built in cleaner daily for 10 seconds and never had a problem. We’ll pull it off every other year for a deep clean and inspection. Great idea on the dimmer circuit! It’s not too loud but it’d be nice to control the fan speed when we are right next to it!

    • Tom says:

      i believe this is a great product.
      but saying this, combined with a new stove is 90%+ efficient is absurd.
      1. your number is opinion, otherwise prove it.
      2. a new stove is already as efficient as the can be (mid 60′s to 70′s at best), adding this product to a flue system already exhausting cooler than normal air would not be able to “find” 20% more efficiency.

      let’s be realistic here. product is great, but Magic is just the name, it’s not actually so.

      • admin says:

        Tom. Thanks for your comment. I never say that using the Magic Heat with an efficient stove is a great idea – in fact, I state the opposite. I would say 80%+ efficiency stoves would not benefit much from this product. All I can say is that mine has worked wonders with my wood stove. I can finally heat my whole house…and 4 times faster than without it as well!

        Call it what you will but I think the name is perfect…it blew my mind that’s for sure.

      • Larry says:

        Tom I see your point. I’ll prove this much. I measured the flu temp using a calibrated laser thermometer at 300 degrees F before the exchanger and 173 degrees after/above the unit. That means it’s removing 127 deg. from the flu gasses. At 320 deg. it was 187 deg, a difference of 133 degrees less. That hard data say it is going right into my living room. :) We are burning approx. 3/4 cord per season, elm wood, and have had normal creosote in our 12′ flue. Not enough build up to have to deep clean every year so we clean every other year to be safe. We do use a 2 creosote logs per season to help clean the exchanger tubes. I was simply going off of the stove manufacture rating of 80% + 10% more efficient using this unit = 90%. I have a hard time believing this unit doesn’t increase efficiency by 10% for sure! Great product !

  9. Jennifer Longo says:

    I am new to this. I moved to a home that has the blower. I lit the fire, blugged in the unit, flipped the switch and waited. It blows out warm but never gets I doing something wrong?

    • admin says:


      It all depends on how hot of a fire you have going. Perhaps you already have a very efficient wood stove which means the flue gas temperature when it travels through the Magic Heat Reclaimer is too low for it to extract enough additional heat to blow out really hot air. I have an inefficient wood stove and when I have a good fire going it blows out very hot air. Sounds like there is no issue with the unit itself….just that your gas temps aren’t high enough…but that’s not a big deal either. Just make sure to clean out your chimney once a year at least as very low flue gas temps will cause an increase in creosote build-up.

      Take care

  10. Robert says:

    I am using two. 55 gal. Barrels in my shop, with 6″ pipe through wall, under soffit, and up beyond gutter. Definitely could use help warming my 30 x 40′ shop. Would using a heat reclaimer increase creosote buildup in the horizontal section of the pipe?
    Shell Knob, MO

    • admin says:

      Bob. According to the manual I have read there is the possibility of increased creosote due to the lower flue gas temperature. That is all I can tell you. I clean my chimney out once per year and it doesn’t seem at all excessive and there is no visual increase in amount as compared to the years before I installed the magic heat reclaimer.

  11. Ron says:

    I’ve seen a couple of these in operation and was amazed! I decided to purchace one for my wood and coal Hotblast furnace but every place I searched was sold OUT! Sounds like they are selling like hotcakes! I have one on back order through Northern Tool . Can’t wait till it comes in and I can install and start using it!

  12. Jim says:


    I purchased the magic heat reclaimer 6 years ago. It was the best purchase I ever could have made! I go through less wood, and the heat reclaimer has been heating my entire home!! I was able to see the difference with my WBS immediately!! My concern: Norther Tools stopped carrying this product. I figured on picking up another one as a backup but reading what Ron says, I might be out of luck!

    • admin says:

      Hi Jim,

      Yes, sorry, currently out of stock but the shopping cart will start working again once the product is available. Best of luck.

  13. Steve W. says:

    I live in New Brunswick, Canada and have 2 Pacific Energy wood stoves . One in my house and one in my garage. These are very efficient stoves and I also use these heat reclaimers on each of the stoves. The most important thing is to burn dry seasoned wood, and let the stove burn fairly hot and you wont have any problems. The wood savings alone is very noticeable. I would really miss these now if I didn’t have them. They work awesome. One thing to note is the Canadian model is CSA approved and the USA model is not. (at least a year or 2 ago when I bought my last one) Home Depot Canada carries the Canadian model but are about $200 more than buying in the USA which I think is ridiculous just to have that Canadian approval sticker. This should be reviewed by Magic Heat and it would probably increase their sales…

  14. Ron says:

    Northern Tool just notified me that my order has been canceled. Guess I’ll have to shop around some more !

  15. dmitriy says:

    What is the difference of the crimp on bottom or top?

    • admin says:

      Ideally you want the crimp on the bottom so that your flue pipe above the magic heat is inserted into magic heat pipe. This way if you have water coming down your pipes it will stay inside the pipes and not escape at a crimp and start flowing outside of your pipes.

      Just like many other pipes one end is crimped and the other is flat. The crimped end is inserted into the flat part of another pipe.

  16. […] something similar to this for the shed heater, just to keep things a bit warmer a lot quicker. Magic Heat Reclaimer – boost your heating stove efficiency by 200% I used to work for a company that installed and repaired wood heaters, we installed a lot of […]

  17. Ron says:

    Have had one at cottage for over 25 years, looking for one for pole barn, bought a cheap one from large home repair store, no where near as good, changing to a magic heat before winter

  18. Kate says:

    I’ve had this blower for years and loved it! Last winter due to power outages I had to remove the unit since it runs on electric. We were out of electric for 12 days and needed to heat the house. Now the auto thermostat doesn’t work. It continues to blow even after the fire goes out, so it blows cold air into the house from the chimney. Is there a repair manual for this?

  19. Paul Wheeler says:

    How does this effect cleaning of the stove pipe? From the magic box down to the top of the stove?

    • admin says:

      With the box in place you will not be able to clean that section….but it’s rather easy to remove. I remove mine every summer and clean out the box itself with some air pressure and that gives me easy access to all the flue pipes.

  20. How many sq feet can this unit heat?

  21. carl proulx says:

    I have been using magic heat for over twenty years now and I love it,I just wish they could make it quieter.

  22. drew bird says:

    just bought a very small stove. (Washington stove franklin ) with an older magic heat on it and that son of a buck heats my uninsulated garage as well as my brand new much larger stove heats my house. I figured is might start off blowing warm then cool off but as long as you have a fire burning you have WARM heat coming from it……. truly MAGIC HEAT :)

  23. Jon Patak says:

    I’ve had my MagicHeat in service on my Englander in my house for about 6 years now, running as flawless as it did the first day I put heat to it. And some winters, this unit ran non-stop for 4 months straight. Amazing, solid unit. Beware of the cheap imitators out there, they don’t even come close to the efficiency of the MagicHeat.
    Rigid and high quality built to last products are something that’s getting difficult to come by in this country/world unfortunately, and I will always spread the word when I find something that is built to last.
    Thanks for a great product!

  24. Andy says:

    I just purchased my magic heat, I’m interested in installing the dimmer switch. Can you please provide more information so that I can install it properly. I am a movie buff and my wood stove and near my tv

  25. Duane Pauley says:

    I can’t say enough about the quality of my Magic Heat. Bought it on line from Pease Feed & Coal. Nice people & the price was better then I found anywhere else.
    I called them first to make sure they had it in stock. (Not drop shipped like most places) # 307 754 3757
    I had one years ago when I had a wood stove & wanted one again. As said by others here, don’t buy the Chinese copy with only 4 tubes in it. It is cheap & you will be sorry.

  26. Brett says:

    Best investment I ever made. Very simple, well build and vastly improves the heat output of my stove. Somewhere in the WOW range. Using if for 5 years now. I have had no creosote buildup problems using stainless steel flue liner. Keep the fire burning hot. Don’t use wet wood. It is a bit noisy however (air rush). My wood stove is in the basement so it’s not a problem but it may bother you in the living room.

  27. Tony says:

    Just purchased one of these and had a question about the switch on back of unit. Is it a simple switch which controls just on and off feature or is it a bypass for the thermostat meaning switched one way it’s controlled by thermostat and switched other way fan stays on regardless of temperature?

  28. Brad Zinn says:

    Can this be mounted in horizontal position? I have a wood coal boiler with flue pipe out the back, through my block garage wall.

  29. phranq says:

    can you put 2 units inline? (one after the other)
    Has anyone done that with success?
    I understand that assumes the temp leaving the first one is at least 150

  30. Doug Gurr says:

    Looking at buying a used Majic Heat unit and stove. When I plugged the Majic Heat unit into the electric outlet, it immediately began to blow?

    What does this mean? I was told the theomatat would kick in at 150% & turn off at 110%.

    Is this unit fried? What repairs are necessary?

    Thank you in advance.


    • admin says:

      There’s an on/off switch on the back. Turn to off for automatic control and turn to on for manual continuous on mode.

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